Photo / Video Shootings

Photos and Videos for and of any occasion.

Book us for Shootings on location or in our studio. For booking one of our photographers please contact us per data or form found in Contact.

This Service is available for TFP work as well**.


Retouching for other photographers or private customers.

We retouch your pictures, no matter whether we took them, you took them or someone else.

This Service is available for TFP work as well.***

Make-Up & Styling

We do your makeup for shootings you book with us or for other shootings.

We usually do more extravagant makeup but also SFX and regular makeup.

This Service is available for TFP work as well.

Other Services

  • Model Booking - more info here

  • Print - out of house print depending on what kind of print you’d like

  • Classes - will be announced on all social media of GIN PHOTOGRAPHY and we will make an extra page for classes you can sign up for.

Other Information Regarding Our Services

* Every begun hour counts as a full hour paid

** TFP work isn’t prioritised which means paid work will usually be scheduled earlier than TFP work, especially in regards of editing and retouching.

*** Retouching TFP work will still cost if it is a special retouch or of a very time consuming kind.