Kira by Jasmin Simmen

Kira by Jasmin Simmen


Kira is very creative-crazy kind of person and is down for almost every idea and project. Her fields of expertise are Portrait, Fashion and Fantasy Photography but we consider her to be an allrounder. If she isn’t having people take pictures of her you can find her assisting Jasmin or helping out at the studio, be it in person or virtually, or working at her workplace.

Jana by Jasmin Simmen

Jana by Jasmin Simmen


Jana is a very funny, outgoing young woman and has modelled for many different photographers in Switzerland. She’s specialised in Fantasy, Fashion and Horror Photography, but she too, likes to experiment and try out crazy stuff.

Information on booking our Models

Booking our models is available for TFP and Pay work.

Booking is available including Jasmin as Photographer or/and MUA* or without her but all models will always be accompanied by Jasmin, due to safety and rights.

For further questions visit the page Services or send in a contact form found in Contact.

Model bookings won’t be settled online or per phone**, only face to face in meeting with Jasmin, due to safety and rights.

*Booking including Jasmin actively working as photographer or MUA will charge the regular pricing for one of our photographers.

**Booking Requests can be sent in online but will be discussed after in person so none of our models end up in unsupervised or potentially dangerous situations.