Gin Photography Opening Event

We're hosting an Opening Event of our very first own studio including snacks, drinks and an exhibition of recent and past work - join us for the start of a new journey with Gin Photography! Let's make this a memorable evening!

No dress code, bring your friends, no tickets needed.

We will also sell prints and take orders and reservations for products, if you buy something you will get a 5% discount for the next (or first) shooting you book with us or the next product you buy or order. You also support our young studio grow if you do, which will make it easier for us to provide our best service possible.

We hope to see you all there!

The Edda Project

Here is some information on The Edda Project:

I will publish snippets of it on my portfolio page. The full project will be available as print edition next year if everything goes as planned.

Whilst we were working on this project I met so many cool people that helped and supported me - frailly without them it wouldn't have been such a big thing. Thank you, Torgus Caturix!

I'd also like to apologize to these helpers, models and encouragers that I took so long to finally upload things.

Update 18/12/17

Hi everybody, it's me Jasmin.

I have returned from my website hiatus, finally. Sorry to have kept you waiting!

I'm very keen to update you on hat has been and what still is going on.

All in all, I've been very busy during the last few months and I actually still am, but don't worry, there's a lot of new stuff coming!

You've last heard from me when I posted the video "HELA" on here, a video of the Edda Project.

Well, very soon I'll be finally publishing some of the footage taken during said project. Not only that but I'll also make a magazine edition of it you can buy - but that will take a little longer. I'm also currently working on other (sometimes printed) goodies for you guys, so stay tuned!

- Jasmin