Jasmin Simmen 

Jasmin is a freelance photographer from Zurich, Switzerland. She mostly works in the portrait and fashion genre and likes things that are out of the ordinary, that's why her own projects mostly feature sub or pop cultural content. She’s never afraid to try out new things and is always on the lookout for the next amazing project.

She’s the manager of our studio, the main Photographer and the founder of Gin Photography.

Photo by A.Bozinovic

Photo by A.Bozinovic

Our Philosophy

Gin Photography stands for high-quality work in experimental and basic Photography. We work hard and efficient on any kind of project and connect with customers and partners through our craft and our close work with them. Creativity has no limits, so we are always excited and ready to try out new or different things.

We want to help younger creatives to engage in the business of design and photography and support anyone that wants to work with us or that needs help finding a way into the creative business, be it photography, modelling or any other kind of creative work.